Bryce National Park


Bryce is one of the most beautiful National park in the southern part of Utah

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Where? : Located on southern part of Utah on hwy 12 not far from Zion National Park.

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What? : The major attraction of the large park is the stunning view of the red-pink towering Hoodoos rock formations. Perfectly located below the high rim-line you will be amazed by the natural huge amphitheater-like landscape below.

When? : This park can be visit year round, very hot at summer and at winter because its high altitude you can experience very cooled weather and snowstorms. Most of the viewpoints and relatively short-medium hikes are open also during snowstorm but visibility can be limited, and visibility is what bring you to this place.


Due Note: On top of park campsites you can find hotels at the nearby park entrance.

My thoughts: one of the best US National parks, you can just stop at the amazing viewpoints or take a 3 hr walk into the landscape.

A must do park. Highly recommended to be at the viewpoints during sunset or sunrise.

20 years back I visited the far south end of the park, at the end of the road. It was nice drive, but I do not remember this is a must do trip.


The Visit:

Bryce canyon is a large park, but most of the recommendations are referring to the first section of Bryce Amphitheatre.

A short visit to the park can include only the high rim viewpoints where you see the amazing Bryce “Hoodoos Amphitheatre”. Recommended viewpoints are: Sunrise, sunset, inspiration and Bryce point.


It is highly recommended to hike down into the Amphitheatre where you get completely different perspective, interment and closeup interaction with the landscape.


Recommended Amphitheatre ~3.5 miles loop trail is from Sunrise to Sunset viewpoints or you can also do this in the opposite direction.

This is Queen’s garden trail to wall-street switchbacks, going back to starting point on the rim trail.

There are other hikes in the main park section, you can hike to the other side and reach Bryce point or hike to Bryce Canyon Tower Bridge or to Mossy Cave.


Most visitors stay around the Amphitheatre section, but you can continue further on into the park all the way to Yovimpa Point where you have nice view countless miles to south landscape below.