Devils Garden Escalante


Where? : Devils Garden is located along Hole-in-the-Rock Road (BLM #200), 12 miles south of Highway 12, you will see the clear sign and the short road to your right.

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What? : Devils Garden small park section has some of the Escalante area’s most iconic rock formations, including Metate Arch, and numerous hoodoos.


When? : Year round, short hike, preferred at the morning or late afternoon. During winter or after heavy rain it can be impossible to drive the Hole-in-the-Rock Road.


Due note 1: Plan for a 1 hr easy hike visit. Very friendly site for kids.


Due note 2: If you are doing camping there is a nice campsite near this location (do not camp at the parking lot).


Due note 3: Hole-in-the-Rock Road provides access to this hike. This generally good graded dirt road that is good for all vehicles (not recommended when it is muddy), it can be bumpy at some sections.


My thoughts: Highly recommended stop, very nice place to spend a lunch break and have a short hike and enjoy the beauty of the rock hoodoos.


The visit:

The visit itself is simple, easy and short exploration of the rock formation area just near the car parking.

You can follow a short loop through the rock garden, walk on the slickrock past the Metate arch and see the dramatic standing hoodoos.

There are many trails to explore the different rock pillars and narrow passage, once you are done with the exploration, you’ll pick up a good trail to follow back to your car.