Arches National Park


Update for 2022-2023:

I did not visit the park lately but for the one planning to do so in 2022 you are require to get in advance a timed entry reservation to enter the park.
This is in effect from April 3 to October 31

Timed Entry Tickets will not be required for those with camping, backcountry, or Fiery Furnace activity.

For more information visit the park page:

Where? :

The park entrance gate is located short, 15 minute, drive north out of Moab, Utah.

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One of the most beautiful and fun to visit parks in southern part of Utah.

For many of the park attraction points and arch locations are near the park road and accessible by a short easy hike in order to see them.

The park can be very crowded and difficult to find parking spots during high truism season.


Due note: Plan to spend there at list one full day, bring food and water with you because there aren’t any places to buy anything in the park. In one long day you can cover most of park attractions.


My thoughts

One of my favorite parks, always exited to come back, discover new things and see the arches.

The park can be crowded and with a lot of cars and no parking spots, come early or late at the afternoon.

Sunset viewing from the Delicate Arch is the most iconic picture point of the state of Utah, this is not by mistake plan to stay all the way to sunset.


The Visit:

The park has few roads that will lead you through all attractions. In most places relatively short and not difficult hike will take you closer to the arches.


Main park attractions:

Park Avenue:

Nice place to see the towering rocks of park. You can just walk from the parking lot to the viewpoint or go down the relatively easy trail into the Avenue (in and out).


The Window Section:

A must visit section of the park with many arch formations. I recommend planning for relatively short hiking and visit Turret Arch, north & south Windows and hike to the huge Double arch section.


Delicate Arch:

By far the most beautiful arch rock formation in the park.

It unique because the arch is standing over the cliff and all other rocks surrounding are cleared by erosion.

You need to hike 1.5 miles up-hill to see the Delicate Arch. The place can be crowded and the last hike section on the narrow rock shelf can be slow but it worth the effort. If you can plan your visit just at the afternoon before sunset where you get the best view of the sun going down through the arch.

Delicate Arch Viewpoint: Another option to see this arch is from far & below. Much shorter hike and less climbing but you need a binocular to clearly see the arch at the rim above.


Devil’s Garden Trailhead:

Another must visit section of the park with many arch formations. You can take 1-mile trip to the longest arch in the park (Landscape Arch) and then go back, exploring side arches on the way (Pine Tree Arch, Wall Arch). You can extend this hike primitive loop trail and see many more nice arches (Double O Arch, Private Arch, …).

There are many other park attraction, arches and rock formations that you can visit… just stop at the roadside parking and explore them.


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