Capitol Reef National Park


Note: I had only short visit passing through the park so this is only small representation of what this remote park has to offer.

Where? : The large park starch on both sides of hwy 24 somewhere between the small towns of Torrey and Hanksville.

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What? : Capitol Reef National Park is a hidden treasure filled with cliffs, canyons and arches in a 100 miles geologic monocline in the middle of the desert. The park has rich history of western settlements and many places to hike and explore.


My thoughts:Unfortunately, I never invested the needed time to really enjoy and explore this park, I just drove through hwy 24 crossing the park along the deep Fremont River Canyon.


The visit:

This can be interesting point to view the landscape from the car where hwy 24 cut east/west through the park Capitol-Reef mountain range, short hike or stop at the visitor center or even longer stay and exploration.

The number of visitors at the park is relatively smaller than other “famous” parks and the large size promise you will have secluded experience.


Mentioning below only few places to hike:

Grand Wash Trailhead

Hickman Bridge Trail Head

Chimney Rock Trailhead

Cassidy Arch Trailhead

Goosenecks Overlook


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