Monument Valley NP


Where? : Located on hwy 163 just on the border of Arizona and Utah.

Google Map Link


What? : Monument valley landscape is the actual view when we are imagining how was the old wild west.

The park website:


When ? : year round but summer can be VERY hot and not recommended


Due Note: This Park is under local Indian reservation regelation; hikes or drives going off main trails is forbidden without official local guide, please respect this.


My thoughts: This is my landscape view of the wild west, always excited to visit here. A must stop (even for short time) if you are traveling in this area.


The visit:

This park is owned and maintained by the local endian tribe that consider this as a holy place. You can see the rocks from the main road outside the park but going into give you a much better view.


After paying entrance fee you start the visit from the viewing point just at the Visitor Center.

From the Visitor Center there is a gravel road (good for all cars) that will take you into the valley and between the towering mountains, just follow the signs and stop at the recommended viewing spots.

The car trip can be 1-2 hr depending on how many stops you are taking; and how many other visitors there are.

This car trip with the stops along the way is highly recommended.

You can also have local guided trips that will take you into other places that you can’t get by yourself.


Forrest Gump Picture (Google Map link):

Another interesting point is just out of the park itself on hwy 163 north of the park in the direction of Mexican Hat. In this nice spot Forrest Gump (the movie) stop his famous cross US running, just because he was tired 😊.

Just stop on the side of the road, stand in line and take a nice picture of the road going into the mountains. You will not be the only one over there 😊