Mexican Hat and Goosenecks SP


Where? : On hwy 163 north of monument Valley near the junction with hwy 261

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What? : Near the small town of Mexican Hat (last population check was 31 people 😊) there are few attractions, nice mountains, rock formation and the mighty San Juan River paving its way creating a deep canyon.


Due note: Mexican Hat is a small town, tourist aspects like the few old hotels and restaurants may be not open (there is a gas station).


My thoughts: Nice place’s to stop and enjoy the view on the way to/from Moab

The Visit:

Mexican Hat is a very small town in the “middle of nowhere”, it is probably not on anyone destination list, but you can see some interesting things nearby as you pass on your way.

You can also go rafting on the San Juan River.


Mexican Hat balanced rock, you can see it from the main road. It is much larger than it looks like from far away.

Goosenecks State Park

Small park with the view of San Juan River switchback formation creating deep canyon in the surrounding high mountain plateau.

In this section The San Juan River twists and turns through the meander, flowing a distance of over six miles while advancing one and half miles west on its way to Lake Powell.

Impressing viewpoints on the winding river below, not a lot to do except enjoy the view and keep with your trip.


My thoughts: Excellent short stopping viewing points on the way to/from Moab