Natural Bridges NM


Where? : Near the junction of hwy 261 and 95 you will find road 275 leading to the park entrance.

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What? : Natural Bridges National Monument is a relatively small park with interesting natural bridges rock formations, an like Arches that form out of the rock as result of erosion Natural Bridges are created from a river going underneath the rock above as the stream wind into the landscape.


My thoughts: nice solitude secluded park in the middle of nowhere, few hikes and viewing points, I always prefer to go through this area when going to Moab UT.

The Visit:

After getting into the park there is a narrow one-way road loop that will take you through the main park attractions, parking spots near the high rim viewing points and where the hiking trails starts.

You can just do the views from above or go down into the river below and see the huge rock bridges over the river from up close.

You can go through the park within 1 hr if you just viewing the landscape from the viewpoints, taking hikes can make it up-to 1-day visit.


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