Mojave Desert – Mojave, California


What? : A small community town in Kern County California, located just east of the Sierra mountain range (Tehachapi Mountains) at the western edge of the great Mojave Desert.


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Death Valley


Where? : Located 50 miles east of Bakersfield on highway 58 at intersect with the south-to-north highway 14, 70 miles west of Barstow, California

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When? : Winter and spring is the time to visit this area, summer is very hot….


Due note: Mojave is a small town without many things to do, a gas & food stop on your road trip drive.


My thoughts: I was always intrigue by this town, just as you cross the Sierra mountains to the east on highway 58 from Bakersfield you reach this “middle of nowhere” high-desert town. Air turbines fields covering all surrounding hills and the large airfield near the town, the Mojave Air and Space Port, with the many abounded large airplanes (few movies were taken there…).


The visit:

Overall, Mojave is not a mandatory stop or has major tourist attraction, but it can be use as “fill gas, stretch your lag and eat something” stop on your road-trip to California deserts or when heading to Las Vegas or Arizona.


The railroad industry played a significant role in the town’s founding in 1876. The location was chosen as a Southern Pacific Railroad construction camp. A rail superintendent made Mojave the final-destination for 20-mule’s teams (actually 18 mules and two horses) pulling wagons of borax mined in Death Valley.

Today, more than 40 railroad trains move through Mojave each day.


Mojave Air and Space Port:

From 1941 to 1961, the airfield was occupied by the U.S. military. In November 2012, East Kern Airport District changed their name to the Mojave Air and Space Port.

On December 14, 1986, Voyager was the first aircraft to make an unrefueled around the world flight, it was designed and built in Mojave.

The airport does not offer tours to the public.

I always wanted to take picture of deserted airplanes….


Wind Farm: The Tehachapi Pass Wind Farm is home to over 4,700 wind turbines, and at the time of its construction in the early 1980s was one of the largest wind farms in the United States.


Nearby attractions:

For me Mojave is the gateway to amazing south section of the eastern Sierra….


Red Rock Canyon State Park:

Located only 25 miles north from Mojave on Highway 14. The Park offers camping, day use, equestrian, and off-highway vehicle (OHV) recreation opportunities.


Lone Pine:

Located 120 miles north of Mojave on Highway 395. Many nature attractions are located near Lone Pine including Alabama Hills, Mt. Whitney Trailhead, Manzanar and many more.


Death Valley:

Located northeast of Mojave, 150 miles away. One of the best winter destinations in eastern California.


Mojave National Preserve:

130 miles east of Mojave, passing Barstow, and you will reach Baker, California, an exit on the I-15 (on the way to Vegas). This small off-highway stop can be your entering point into the great Mojave National Preserve desert.