Mojave National Preserve – Barstow, CA


What? : Barstow is a city in San Bernardino County, California, with a population of 25,000. Barstow is located 67 miles north of San Bernardino on Highway I-15 and is used as a major transportation hub for trains and tracks and as major pit-stop for commuters. Coming from the west (I-15 or on highway 58 from Mojave) Barstow will be your entry point to the large desert protected under the Mojave National Preserve.


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Where? : The city is located at the intersection of Highway I-15 and I-40 and state highways 58 and 247.

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When? : Winter and spring is the time to visit this area, summer is very hot.


Due note: The town is ideally situated for a halfway stop for people that are traveling between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.


My thoughts: During my many trips in this area I really stopped at Barstow, maybe just for a gas. At my last road-trip Mojave National Preserve I was passing Barstow at night. I decided to explore the town. I did not have a lot of time, so I decided to visit the train station and museums building, take few pictures, and keep driving on I-15 to Baker.


The visit:

At the town center main st., you can find many tourist attractions related to the legendary Rout 66 that cross the town.


Route 66 “Mother Road” Museum:

Located in the historic 1911 Casa del Desierto (House of the Desert) active train station, the Route 66 “Mother Road” Museum showcases interesting history relating to Route 66, the Mojave Desert, and the early railways activity.

At the museum you will find a lot of information about the legendary 2,248-mile Route 66 from Vince Beach, CA to Chicago, IL.

Outside, near the parking you can find few retired train locomotives.


Other town attractions:

Mojave River Valley Museum:

The Museum is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the scientific, historical, and cultural heritage of the Mojave River Valley.


Desert Discovery Center:

A public-run community education center that focuses on promoting awareness of desert life to local-residents. 7,000 square foot facility surrounded by 12 acres of public land located in the heart of Barstow, CA. The center houses the “Old Woman Meteorite”, the second largest meteorite found in the United States which weighed 6,070 pounds when discovered in 1975.