Mojave National Preserve – Baker, CA


What? : Baker, CA located on Highway I-15 and is a popular pit-stop for travelers and tracks.

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Death Valley


Where? : Located at exit 245 on I-15. At this point you can connect to state road 127 that is heading north to Death Valley or Kalbaker Rd. that is heading south into the Mojave National Preserve.

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When? : Winter and spring is the time to visit this area, summer is very hot.


Due note: The town is one big gas-station, highway rest-stop with some “tourist attractions” for people that are traveling between Los Angeles and Las Vegas on I-15.


My thoughts: Not a tourist destination but compare to other I-15 exits this is colorful pit-stop on the long way to/from Vegas. I stop here several times mainly because from here you can get into Mojave National Preserve and drive north to Death Valley National Park.


The few “interesting” attractions are the large Alien Fresh Jerky, The World's Tallest Thermometer, The Mad Greek restaurant and few abandon hotels.


If you are heading from Baker to the north on highway 127 to visit Death Valley (or driving it south to Baker) than I do recommend reading my blog: Mojave Desert – Mojave Desert – Highway 127 from Death Valley to Baker