Mojave Desert – Highway 127 from Death Valley to Baker


What? : Although not a destination by itself the are few worth mentioning places to see and explore on the 112 miles long drive from Death Valley, Badwater to the small town of Baker (located on I-40).

I also added here a short description of this road going north into Nevada and highway 373.

You can say that this road start at the north side with the word largest Firecracker at Nevada (the junction of Highway 373 with 95) and and at the south with the largest Thermometer on earth at Baker CA (Highway 127 junction with I-15)

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Where? : This desert road connecting Death Valley NP to highway I-40 and the town of Baker.

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When? : Whenever you are driving through here… 

Late fall, winter and spring is the preferred time to visit the Mojave desert, summer can probably be too hot.

Due note 1: Water - Always take more than what you think you need, this is desert and temperature can be hot, in summer this is extremely hot environment.


Due note 2: Drive with enough fuel, I think that the only active gas station on this road section is at Shoshone.
There is gas stations at Baker CA and also at the intersection of highway 373 and highway 95 at Nevada.


Due note 3: No cellular reception in this road section. If you are using cellular map with GPS make sure you download the map in advance where you have cell reception (Wi-Fi connectivity is preferred).


My thoughts: When visiting here I did not have a lot of time to spend here so I was just “driving by” but looks like that there are few interesting places to visit here.


The Drive:


Driving from Death Valley, Badwater to Baker on Highway 127 is 112-mile-long drive (around 2 hours).

at the end of this section i also wrote few things about the drive north to Nevada on highway 373.


There are few things to see or places to stop on your way south:


Still at the Death Valley national park driving south on California road 178 you can hike to Sidewinder Canyon (a short hike into a side canyon) or visit the near-the-road Ashford Mill Ruins (noth much to see here).



Soon after exiting the National Park and reaching road 127, heading south and additional 1.5-mile drive bring you to the “town” of Shoshone (population of 31 at the 2010 census). Few Motels and RV campgrounds can provide night accommodation option as well as Chevron gas station.



Around 10 miles south of Shoshone on road 127 you can take a side drive on Old Spanish Trail Hwy to Tecopa.

Here you can have a short stop on your drive at Death Valley Brewing.

Just nearby along Tecopa Hot Springs Rd, Tecopa, you can visit one of the several Tecopa Hot Springs Campground and available Resorts and even spend the night here.


Dumont Dunes OHV Area:

Located 25 miles south of Shoshone, and 31 miles north of Baker Dumont Dunes OHV Area encompasses 7,620 acres of public land.

Here OHV sand dune enthusiasts challenge themselves against the sand where big bowls, steep climbs and flowing transitions will cause any driver joy.

The Little Dunes staging and camping area is directly off Highway 127 and can be reach by a regular car, conveniently located for immediate staging. One mile north of here, just off Highway 127, is Dumont Road, a dirt road which follows and crosses the river, leading to the main field of large dunes.

The remote location and variety of terrain appeal to those seeking primitive camping opportunities, off-road adventures, fabulous scenery, and opportunities for solitude.

Saratoga Springs and Ibex Dunes:

West of highway 127 near Dumont Dune OHV in the Southeastern section of the Death Valley National Park you can find location is the Saratoga Springs and Ibex Dunes, 2 hidden gems nested inside the desert mountains.

At Saratoga Springs, several springs feed three large open water ponds approximately 6.6 acres in size. This desert wetland supports a rich community of plants and animals.

The Ibex Dunes are nice large send dunes that unlike Dumont Dunes, are protected by the national park so no vehicle is allowed near them. You need to park your car near the trail and hike half a mile to the dunes.


At the end of your drive south on highway 127 you will reach the small town of Baker CA, right on Highway I-15.

Driving North on Highway 127, Nevada highway 373:

The "city" of Death Valley Junction:
This old remining of a city has few building and active hotel.
Nothing much to see here, a short stop near the hotel can be enough.

CA/NV border:
Driving 8 miles north of Death valley Junction on highway 127 and you will reach Nevada / CA border.
Here you can find a small casino (Longstreet Inn Casino) and few old buildings (If i remember correction the gas station here is not operating).
Except the hotel and casino there are few Art statues in this location on both sides of the road.

Amargosa Valley, Nevada:
From the CA/NV border keep driving north on Nevada highway 373 all the way to the junction with Nevada highway 95.
here you can find few gas station, rest area and few stores, on of them is large Alamo Fireworks Megastore.

Some more Pictures from the Road:


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