Red Rock Canyon State Park (CA)


Where? : Located right on hwy 14, midway between Mojave to Inyokern

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What? : Red Rock Canyon State Park has scenic red desert cliffs, large buttes and nice rock formations.

When? : year round, summer is less recommended


Due note: Looks like a nice campground surrounded by the rock “amphitheater” (I did not spend the night here).


My thoughts: This is a nice park with red rock formation, you can also hike here but I did not and at the tow times I visit the park it was only for a short stop on the way north.


The visit:

There is a nice tall red rock cliff just south of the park road (if you are coming from Mojave, before park entrance on your right). This is a nice place to stop and see the red rock cliff.

When going north the park entrance will be on your left, you will see some nice rock formations just when you turn left and soon you will arrive the campground loop, a nice drive between the surrounding rock formations.

Looks like that the park has a lot more to offer, hike deeper into the desert and colorful canyons.