The Road from Mojave to Lone Pine


Few blogs links that provides additional information, this will help you plan your road trip to this area:
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Death Valley

Where? : The road from Mojave to Lone Pine at eastern Sierra, hwy 14 connected to hwy 395


What? : This 120 miles road can be covered by two hr drive or it can fill half/full day of nice activities, places to visit and to see along the way.


When? : year round, preferred not in summer


My thoughts: I really like this road section, very nice/strange things to see, few nature parks and visiting Alabama Hills, just out of Lone Pine, as probably the best “non-official park” (BLM land) you can find in the region.


The visit:

Our drive at Mojave although the town itself is not on the main hwy.



The town itself (actually it is one-road town) has no attraction and it is even not located on the main hwy (on the way east or north) but if you need fill up gas or something to eat you can find it there (also few hotels).

Near the town of Mojave there is a huge wind turbine fields and an airfield with many deserted airplanes (I did not find clos by viewing point).

It is not a must stop but interesting photographic location.

Friends of Jawbone BLM office information:

A very informative visitor center on all off-road options this vast desert land has to offer. If you are planning off-road trip this is the place to stop, get local maps and ask for information (check about overnight permits ?).

Red Rock Canyon State Park:

Short stop on the way north (or overnight camping), see blog link.


Indian Wells Brewing Company:

A nice restaurant & brewhouse stop on the way


Uniroyal Gal (Hubcap Lady statue):

Nice stop near the large Hubcap Lady statue on the right side of the road, there is a park so you can have a short lunch break.

Fossil Falls:

A nice nature stops on the way, a short hike will take you on the black basalt rocks to the dray nice waterfall and small canyon below. There is a campground nearby.


Olancha Open Sculpture Garden:

I did not visit this place but from pictures it looks as a very nice stop on the way, field of art sculptures that you can walk around.


Lone Pine:

Eastern Sierra Interagency Visitor Center: local information center

Lone Pine Film History Museum: I did not visit

Alabama Hills Cafe & Bakery: nice bakery to eat breakfast


Alabama Hills:

Few miles east of Lone Pine on the way to Whitney Portal you can find one of the nicest unique small parks the eastern sierra. Large and small potato shape boulders and many arch formations right at the foot of the sierra mountain range.


Additional Pictures: