Olancha Sculpture Garden, Highway 395


What? : An open Sculpture Garden where you can see a collection of few dozen metal sculptures in different sizes made by the artist Jael Hoffmann. A short 15–30-minutes stop on your highway 395 drive.


Where? : The Sculpture Garden is located in an open filed just off highway 395, drive exactly 1.5 mile south of the intersection of highway 395 and 190. This is 2-way road section so make sure you are slowing before the turn. Slow down when you see the large statues in the field and look for the unmarked dirt exit. If you are heading north on highway 395 it is on the left-hand side of the road, so you better drive up to a safe place to make a U turn.

No matter if you are driving from north to south (preferred way) or south to north be careful when exiting US 395, the small dirt road that leads to the garden comes up quickly.

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When? : This garden is open year round, whenever you are driving highway 395 and have 30 minutes to explore this place.


Due note 1: This is probably private land but there is no gate or signs, so it basically opens 24/7. I saw a sign on the road leading to the house further in that say to not to enter so I stayed at the sculpture area near the highway.


Due note 2: It is free to enter but feels free to bring something to trade at the “Give and Take” sculpture.


My thoughts: I passed here many times and always saw the big statues but never stop to explore this place, I finally made it. This is a collection of few dozen metal sculptures made by the artist Jael Hoffmann. Interesting to see the statues and their interaction with the open desert field and Sierra mountains.



The visit:

At my road trips I love “discovering” places like this, a different thing to see on my trip.


Located just south of Olancha, on the west side of US 395 in an open land. Once you turn into the dirt road, find a place to park your car and go to explore few dozen metal sculptures made by the artist Jael Hoffmann.


From here website (http://www.jsculpt.com/sculpture-gardens.php):

“Sculpture Gardens facilitate access to art. The rugged environments my sculptures chose to inhabit are not coincidental, but supportive of their unadorned messages.”


The sculptures rise from the desert landscape, some of the are very large and other are people size, some are colorful and other are exposed metal. The collection of over a dozen sculptors are located at the same place and it's easy to walk to see them all.


Jael Hoffmann was born in Israel and lived in Berlin before moving to the United States, first LA and then to this location. More information about Jael Hoffmann and here work can be found on her website: http://www.jsculpt.com/


Overall, I enjoy my short visit to this location, it is one of many other “hidden jams” along highway 395.