Navarro Beach and Redwood Park


Update: Last time I visit here was at April 2022.

During my 2023 January visit to this area the beach access was close because of the flooding's.

What? : 

Navarro Beach and Navarro redwood park are good place to enjoy some time on the beach or drive through the redwood forest (hwy 128).


Where? : 

Navarro Beach is located at the mouth of the Navarro River in Mendocino County, 11 miles south of Mendocino on hwy 1, along hwy 128.

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Due note 1: Warning: High levels of Toxins from algae in the Navarro River, it can be harmful to people and pets.


Due note 2: Navarro Beach Campground is open on a first-come, first-serve basis. Day Use is free and open to the public.


My thoughts:

The most recommended beach we have been to!

Parking is just near the sea at the mouth of the river, beautiful cliff views and a large bay. The parking was almost full of cars and campers (this is a campground) but the beach is very large so you can find less crowded shore.


The visit:


Navarro Beach is located at the mouth of the Navarro River in Mendocino County and starch 11 miles along hwy 128 inland. It’s part of Navarro River Redwoods State Park, a long narrow park along the Navarro River south of the town of Albion.


The access road to Navarro Beach is located on the southside of hwy 1 Navarro River Bridge, short drive to the west will bring you to the parking lot.

Park your car and walk to the sandy beach, look for Arch of the Navarro, a rock arch that can be seen from the north end of the beach.


In the late 1800’s this was the site of a booming lumber mill and a town called Navarro. An economic crash in 1893 killed the mill and the town. Today, Only the Inn and the Company House remains.


Navarro River Redwoods is a second-growth redwood park that’s pretty much just a 11 miles long narrow corridor of redwoods along Route 128. The lush, shady river valley makes a nice drive; however, there aren’t any trails, just a few places where you can walk a few steps to the river.


There are two campgrounds in this park:

The Paul M. Dimmick Campground is a developed spot for camping and day-use up the river on Highway 128.

The other camping spot is near the beach and has ten primitive spots that are first come first served.





Additional Pictures:

Pictures from April 2022 Visit: