Mendocino town and Headlands State Park


What? : 

Mendocino is a coastal small town, a prime tourist destination in northern California coast. The town can be your basecamp for few days, see and explore all nearby attractions.


Where? : 

Located on the north coast of California, located 155 miles north of San Francisco, at list 3 and a half hours drive, plan for much longer drive, but with a lot more to see, if you are taking the longer and slower highway 1 road.

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Due note 1: Mendocino is a popular destination year-round. It can be very crowded and pack with tourists.


Due note 2: At main st. Chevron gas station I paid the highest gas price ever 6.20 $/G

Fill your car gas at the nearby Fort Bragg.


My thoughts: 
A small picturesque town that is a must stop at your way on highway 1. Visit the small town (only few streets with stores and restaurants) and visit the nearby ocean cliff park.


The visit:

Perfectly located on the headlands and ocean cliffs this scenic town with its New England look and slow-going vibes, surrounded from it three ocean sides by the Mendocino Headlands State Park.

Visit the small downtown and old buildings, hike to the ocean cliffs viewpoints, blowholes, sea arches, grottos, and explore the tide pools as you hike the beaches and cliff trails.

Mendocino Bay Overlook:

Providing a breathtaking panoramic view, the historic town of Mendocino Village, the mouth of Big River, and the Pacific. Located south of town, cross the Big River Bridge and take the first exit to your right.


Mendocino Headlands State Park:

This blend of gentle trails, rugged coastline, secluded beaches surrounds the town of Mendocino on three sides.

Three miles of trails wind along the cliffs, spectacular views of sea arches and hidden grottos.

The park’s visitor center and a museum of local history are in the 19th-century Ford House, located on Main Street.

You can access the park from many locations in Mendocino, for a full 3-4 miles hike that will take you out to the Bluffs Trail following the cliff line.

You do not need to hike it all, take a trail from the town south side, reach the cliff and hike as you want, once you had enough walk back to the town.


Mendocino Woodlands State Park (did not visit here):

The Park is a National Historic Landmark built in the 1930s and is nestled in 700 acres of redwood trees, ferns, and glades along both sides of the Little North Fork of the Big River in Northern California, Twenty-five miles of hiking trails in and around the Park, an open meadow, large beaver pond and more.


Glass Beach:

At Fort Bragg you can find three glass beaches, all former city trash dump sites (From 1906 to 1967), that are layered with beautiful sea glass. Snap a photo but leave the glass behind for others to discover.


Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens (did not visit here):

Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens offers everything from colorful floral displays to thunderous waves. Located north of Mendocino 7.4 miles on hwy 1.


Skunk Train Railbikes (did not visit here):

Located in the nearby Fort Bragg town center, this is activity involve with “bike” that are going on old train tracks. Looks like this is 250$ per bike (2 people)!