White Pocket Arizona


What? : 

Beautiful colorful rock formations in the middle of the Vermilion Cliffs desert.


White Pocket located in the heart of Vermilion Cliffs National Monument right on the Arizona Utah border; 4x4 high clearance vehicle is needed !

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Better to plan the visit when it is not hot, but you can visit this place all year because the hike itself is not long.


Due note 1: This place located in the large Vermilion Cliffs National Monument which is BLM land. You do not need to have any reservations (as for the waive) or pay any entrance fee.

Due note 2: MUST have 4x4 car with high clearance, if the road is extra sandy considered reduce tire air pressure.


Due note 3: Have a good map with you and GPS device, google map directions can be misleading the take you not through the main trails. Know what you are doing, or you may get into trouble deep in a remote desert.

Due note 4: During winter it can be snow (as I had) but I do not think it is getting a lot of snow. The sandy road section will be even in better conditions after rain or snow.


My thoughts

One of the most beautiful places I ever visited, the remote location, fun jeep drive in the sandy road only added to the unique experience. I was amazed by this place beauty and solitude. I spent there 3 hr exploring the landscape.


The visit:

Driving Directions:

The drive starting point is on House Rock Rd.

From here take BLM road 1017 up east, this is a good condition road and after 6.1 miles you will reach Pine Tree Pockets ranch, pass the ranch and you will see a signed that will point you left to White Pockets.

Turn left on 1087 road, from this point you’ll be driving through deep sandy section, covering on/off the road.

The road is clear, you need to stay on the main trail (Use GPS, even google map is good). 

Along the 8.3 miles you will cross 2 cattle gate until you will reach your destination parking lot on your left.


From the well-marked parking lot, you will need to walk few hundred feet to the west, cross the sand dunes and you will see right in front of you the amazing white pocket section.

Here you can walk and explore the landscape, be amaze from the delicate rock layers, twisted formations and amazing white, red and yellow colors.

Overall visit duration can be from 1hr to 3 hrs.


Once done you drive the way back. Plan to give this trip, drive in, hike and drive out, enough time at list half a day.


There are many other attractions in the surrounding Vermilion Cliffs.

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