Trinidad California - Trinidad State and local Beaches


What? :

The small town of Trinidad is located on a cliff section above the ocean with many cliffs edge viewing point, close coves, pointy sea stack, and beach access.

You can find beaches access both on the cliff section south of the town and right from the town itself.


In this Blog I will provide information on several viewing points and beach access near the town.



Where? :

When you are driving on highway 101 north of Eureka take the Trinidad exit and head down to the direction of the Fisherman's Wharf. Park at the large parking lot just before going down to the Fisherman's Wharf parking.

Here you can see the new, and final, location of the small and renovated Trinidad Lighthouse.

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When? :

Trinidad is year-round destination; winter can be rainy and windy but it does not prevent visiting here.



Due note 1: The trails are open year-round and no need for a fee.


Due note 2: Dogs on a leash are welcome.



My thoughts:

In my view Trinidad and Crescent City are the most rewording small towns in the northern California coastline. Excellent destination and a hub for nearby trips.

I visit Trinidad several times at the winter month but I’m sure this can be an excellent summer destination.

This is a fun place to visit with many different activities to do just near the town and the surrounding area.


Trinidad State Beach:

Trinidad State Beach is a stretch of sandy beach located north of the Trinidad Head. With easy access this pet friendly beach is a great spot to stop, enjoy the view and walk along the beach and the rocks.


Located just below Trinidad with an easy access to the sandy beach, pool tide, and few short hiking trails.

The beach has 2 main parking lots:

1.      At the large parking near fisherman wharf, just below Trinidad Head

2.      Near the town high school (Instead of following the main road take right down a one lane road to find the entrance to Trinidad state beach).


Near parking area #2 you can find picnic tables and a wonderful view of the beach below.

When the tide is low you can walk north and cross the rocky section into another beach. Here there is also a small stream that is flowing to the ocean after rain. From here there are few short trails leading up the cliff to the road.



Trinidad Scenic Drive:

This road is following the cliffs south of the town and provide few nice viewing pointes and beach access trails.

It is only 2.5-mile-long road, but it does wind around a bit and in some section, it even becoming a gravel road.

Along the road you can see small roadside parking with trails leading down to the beach.


Baker Beach:

There is a trail that is leading to the beach below the cliffs. 

At the beach there is a small section of sand, and rocks and tide pulls to the north. During low tide you can cross the rocky section to the beach to your north.


Luffenholtz Beach

I did not went down to this beach so can’t provide more info.


Tepona Point:

Small parking paved lot with a short trail leading to a viewing point on the rocky bluff “popping into” the ocean.


Houda Point Beach/Camel Rock:

A large parking and a viewing point with few explanation signs as well as a trail that leads to the beach below. Here you can find few picnic tables and benches, so it is a great location for a short stop.



Moonstone Beach:

Moonstone Beach is just south of Trinidad, Westhaven exit off Hwy 101.

This is a county park, free of cost and dog friendly.

This is a great spot for ocean beach activity, and it also has the open of Little River just before it reach the ocean.

There is a large parking lot just under the local restaurant.




Clam Beach County Park:

South of town you can finds a long stretch of flat sandy beach.

To get into Calm Beach Dr. you can take the highway exit 723 that is located 9.5 miles north of Arcata.

At South Parking Lot you can find restrooms, campground, and a beach access. The campground is first-come/first-serve, $30 camping fee. No day-use fee.

Another official beach trailhead is located at the park north section in North Lot. Here there are trails the heading to the beach and other that heading north to Little River opening. The trail to the beach is covered mats and allows individuals with disabilities to travel from the parking lot to the high tide line of the beach.



Additional Pictures: