Trinidad, California


What? : Trinidad is a seaside small fishermen town in Humboldt County, located on the Pacific Ocean coast north of the Eureka. I spend an afternoon and early foggy morning at the oceanfront near this town. At the south section the shoreline is long open sandy beach, heading more to the north it changes into ragged cliff section with sea stacks.


This location is part of my "Redwood Parks at Northern California Coastline" road-trip suggestions and trip planner blog.

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Where? : 23 miles north of the Eureka, just off highway 101

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When? : Year round, 40–65°F. in summer, 35–55° in winter. Night and morning fog lurks almost all year. Sometimes it doesn't lift for days at a time in summer. Rainfall averages about 60 inches a year, most of it between October and April.


Due note: At my visit I did not have the time to visit Sue-Meg State Park (formally named Patrick's Point SP), looks like this is an interesting park to visit, good combination of nature, forest, coastline cliffs and Native American history.


My thoughts: I spend some time near the town and even camp for the night at Clam Beach State Campground. This is not a “must see” tourist destination, but I enjoy my time here at the beach or just driving along the ragged cliffs and enjoy the view.



Things to do nearby:


Clam Beach County Park or Little River State Beach:

Explore the long sandy shoreline with few small running streams, you can camp for the night at the small campground.


Drive Scenic Dr. Road and visit the following places:

Moonstone Beach County Park

Houda Point Beach and Camel Rock viewing point, a nice oceanfront rocky section.



The oldest town on the northern California coast, was founded on April 8, 1850. Trinidad Head, a large 380 feet rock, is connected to the mainland only on its northern end, thus forming a natural Trinidad Bay on its eastern side.


Trinidad Head Trail:

A short trail that led you to the rocky hill on the ocean front near the active small natural harbor.


Trinidad Head Lighthouse:

A small lighthouse that starts to operate in 1871, at 1949 a replica of the tower called the Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse was built in town on a bluff overlooking the bay, and the original lens was placed in the lantern room. The Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse is moved to a temporary location in January 2018.


Sue-Meg State Park (formally named Patrick's Point State Park):

Located 6 miles north of Trinidad, The Park is a home to many tree species including coastal redwoods, there are also wildflower meadows and a rocky shoreline that consists of sandy beaches and sheer rocky cliffs.

On September 30, 2021, the California State Park and Recreation Commission voted to change the name of Patrick’s Point State Park to Sue-meg State Park, as the local Native Americans call this point.

In the park there is a reconstructed Yurok plank-house village and in summer, you can witness a traditional Native American ceremony.

There are about 120 family campsites spread among the 3 park campgrounds.