Redwood National Parks - Redwood Creek Overlook


What? :

Redwood Creek Overlook is a unique spot in Redwood National Park that offers views old-growth redwood forests along the deep and long canyon of the Redwood Creek River. It's located at over 1,000 ft above the ocean and is known for its sunset views.



Where? :

Located on Bald Hills Rd, 6.6 miles from highway 101.

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When? :

Year round.


Due note 1: Small roadside parking, you can find here restroom.



My thoughts:

A short stop on my way to Big Tree Road.

I enjoy the view from this point, looking down into the long river gorge covered with deep old-growth redwood.


This unique spot offer an expansive view of thousands of acres offers a picturesque view of the old-growth forest, the Pacific Ocean, sunsets, and stars. Fog and clouds can sometimes hinder the view, so be sure to check the weather.




Additional Pictures: