Lake Britton – The Bridge From the movie "Stand By Me”


What? :

For the movie fans of "Stand by Me" (1986) Lake Britton Bridge was used to capture one of the memorable scenes where the run-away kids manage to last minute avoid a train passing the bridge.

Today this bridge does not use any longer for trains and it has a nice view of the lake below it.



Where? :

The bridge is in Northern California near Burney Falls at McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park.

If you are driving north on highway 89 from Burney State Park after about two and a half miles, you will cross a large bridge over Lake Britton.

Soon after crossing the bridge, you will pass under a small train bridge, slow down and you will see exit on the right-hand side. Turn right on to that road that led to Dusty Campground. The bridge will be on your right.

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When? :

Year round when the side road is not covered with snow or ice.


Due note 1:  Warning: climbing and walking over the bridge can be dangerous and not clear if you are trespassing or not.



My thoughts:

Fun place to visit. Long bridge with a nice view of Lake Britton below you on both sides and the road bridge.



The visit:

You will park your car just near the bridge.

The former Great Shasta Rail bridge is blocked by large concrete barricades, probably preventing from any vehicle to drive over the bridge but it is simple to pass them from the side by foot.


The metal rails are not present, and the bridge only have the large woods with gap in between them.

Although not maintained and in some places the wood section looks damage from time or fire it was not difficult to walk over the bridge.


Not a lot more to do here take few pictures and walk back to your car.



Additional Pictures: