Lake Siskiyou and Faery falls, Shasta County


What? : Lake Siskiyou is a reservoir formed by Box Canyon Dam on the Sacramento River, located just 2.3 miles from Mount Shasta, in Siskiyou County, near Pioneer, CA. Faery Fall hike is highly recommended short 1.5 mile hike near the lake.

This location is part of my "North California Waterfall Loop" road-trip suggestion.


Where? : Faery Fall trailhead: After crossing Lake Siskiyou Box Canyon Dam, turn left up Castle Lake Road. almost immediately, make the first left onto Ney Springs Road, which is unpaved wide forest road. Drive another 1.4 miles and reach to an unmarked but clear parking lot on your left, this is before the point where the road reaches the creek. The hiking trail is on your right.

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When? : Year round.


Due note 1: No permit is required to hike Faery Fall trail and access is free.


Due note 2: Dogs are also able to use this trail.


My thoughts: For me it was a special hike and it create unforgettable memories. I came here early morning, hiked the creek itself and not the main trail, without any other hiker in sight (only on my way back), my timing was perfect for autumn colors, and saw this nice 50 f waterfall with only 1.5 miles of hiking. Highly recommended hike.



The visit:

To get to the waterfall trailhead follow the above driving instructions and park your car at the main road, do not drive into the forest road. From here the hike follows an old dirt road along the side of the canyon above Ney Springs Creek.

After 0.4 miles you will reach a point where a forest road ascends to the right, continue straight on the road along the river gorge.

Soon you will arrive to the old Ney Springs Resort. Ney Spring mineral waters with high pH of 11.6 and high consecration of silica. Ney Springs Resort was active during the late 19’s but there aren’t many remining’s of the buildings.

A small trail descends 150 feet to Ney Springs Creek where you can see an old bath structure.

Keep hiking the main trail and 0.65 miles from the start you see an unmarked trail going down on your left, the narrow trail follow the side of the canyon above the creek and soon you will reach the last decant to the waterfall base.

Here Faery Falls drops around 50 feet down the canyon wall.

There isn’t so much a swimming pool at the base, but you can get your feet wet.

I visit here later autumn, just before the rainy season so the water flow was not impressive.

From photos it looks like it is much more impressive at the rainy season.

After enjoying the waterfall, you will hike back to your car the same way you came.


My hike:

I visit here late autumn and the creek flow was not strong.

I decided to have some “adventure” and hike the creek itself and not use the main trail. I parked my car at the end of the road before the lock gates, where the forest road intersects with the creek.

This was excellent hike, no mark trail, just find a way on the creek rocks and boulders.

It was the perfect timing for such hike, the creek trees were covered with yellow colors leaves, and I have the place to myself. This is not a long hike, only 0.7 mile but it was slow past.

When reaching the Ney Springs Creek old bath structure at the creek level I decided to join the main trail above the creek and hike to the falls from there.


Another hiking option is the Lake Siskiyou 7 miles trail. This Hike follows the shore of the reservoir. There are many access points to the trail from the road, you can do the full loop hike or out and back. Completing the full loop is only possible in the summer months when the Sacramento River’s is bridged (approx May-Oct). you can also see the Wagon creek pedestrian bridge on the north east section of the lake.