Hatchet Creek Falls, Shasta County


What? : Hatchet Creek Falls, or known also as Lion Slide Falls, is a popular swimming hole and cliff jumping destination in Shasta County. The trail and the waterfall are on private property, visiting here is at your own risk.

This location is part of my "North California Waterfall Loop" road-trip suggestion.


Where? : Located just off highway 299 on Big Bend Road, between Redding and Burney. The Big Bend Road exit from highway 299 is located 35.1 miles east from highway 5 or 20 miles west of the 4 coroners’ junction.

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When? : Year round, preferable in hot summer day.


Due note 1: I do not recommend visiting this place, visiting here is at your own risk.

Although there are no visible “private property” or “stay out signs” looks like that the property owners of the land that includes the trail to Hatchet Creek Falls closed the area to visitors.


Due Note 2: This waterfall visit can be combined with other nearby waterfalls visits, including: Potem Falls and McArthur Burney Falls State Park (one of the most beautiful waterfall in California)


My thoughts: A very short hike will take you to a nice waterfall and swimming pool. A short, nice stop on your road-trip east of Redding. I did not went down to the waterfall but rather say at the viewing point just before the waterfall. The trail down to the waterfall base is unmaintained but doable but I was short on time and had to keep with my driving.


The visit:

The waterfall itself is located a quarter of a mile from the road parking lot. The last section of the trail is not maintained, and you need to scramble your way down, plan for 30 minutes visit at list, if you plan to swim it will be a longer visit.


The easiest trail that leads to the falls follows the edge of the creek after exiting the parking lot. The trail starts behind the small parking lot boulders on the right end. Pass the boulders and the vegetation tunnel and quickly the trail scrambles it way to the creek side and from there down to the bottom of the waterfalls.


The 25-foot Hatchet Creek Falls is unique by the giant fallen tree that lays right in the middle the waterfall, creating a nice photo location and stairway for swimmers to climb and jump into the water.


Additional Pictures: