The Western Pacific Railroad Museum in Portola


What? : The Western Pacific Railroad Museum in Portola, California, preserves and operates historic American railroad equipment and preserves documents, photos and information.


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Where? :  The Museum is located in Portola, California, From highway 70 you need to cross the Feather River.

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When? : The museum is open from the first Saturday in May through the last Sunday in October, 7 days a week from 10am to 5pm,.


Due note 1: The museum also maintains a gift memorabilia shop located within the diesel shop.


My thoughts: This is a nice one hour stop along your road trip in northern California. Get into the small Museum and explore the yard, see all the locomotives and carriage. This is not a must stop but if you are passing by or near this area than I do recommend this as something “different” to do.


The visit:


The Western Pacific Railroad Museum is located at the locomotive servicing facility in Portola, California. The 37-acre site includes a 220-foot-long diesel shop that was used from 1954 until 1974. It also includes two and a half miles of yard tracks.

The museum has over 35 historic locomotives and 101 cars of various types.

Visitors to the Western Pacific Railroad Museum can get into some cars and locomotives.


During early days the rugged Feather River Canyon track was completed in 1909, and despite rockfall and other difficult conditions, the line was maintained and is still used to this day. Western Pacific introducing the California Zephyr in 1949. The Zephyr, which operated over three railroads on its route between Oakland and Chicago, gained immense recognition but failed to last past the year 1970.

The Western Pacific, the original operators of the California Zephyr passenger line were acquired in 1982 by the Union Pacific Corporation and it was soon merged into their Union Pacific Railroad.


Fun Facts: As part of the expansion of Disney California Adventure Park they donate California Zephyr train to the museum. It is still located on one of the cards in the back of the yard.




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  1. The Western Pacific Railroad Museum in Portola a very nice content that you shared with us. now a days ludogame became a part of entertainment rather than visiting meseum. but i like the concept museum in train.


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