Death Valley – Salt springs sunset visit


What? : I visit Salt springs for session of sunset pictures.


Where? : Located exactly 5.8 miles north of Furnace Creek Visitor Center on highway 190 or 11.6 mile south of the junction of highway 190 and Scotty’s Castle Rd.. Park your car on the side of the road and walk down to the salt springs to the west.

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When? : The recommended time to visit here is late fall, winter and early spring, summer is just too hot.


Due note 1: Always take enough water with you. Do not think this is just getting of the car, if you decide to hike in this area, it can be long stay at the salt flats.


Due note 2: There is minimal to no cell reception in this area of the Death Valley.


Due note 3: There is no shade anywhere, use Sunscreen even in winter months.


Due note 4: There isn’t any official parking lot here, usually there are few other cars park here. make sure you are parking away as possible from the road.


Due note 5: When visiting or hiking at the Death Valley use several layers as clothing. You can start your day with cold temperatures during early morning sunrise to a very hot midday (even at fall, winter, and spring). At the afternoon it can warm but at sunset temperature plumage and it can be near freezing.


Due note 6: Pets are not allowed on any trail in Death Valley National Park, even if carried. Do not leave your animal in your vehicle. You may walk your pet on dirt roads.


My thoughts: I stop here for late afternoon and sunset picture session. The salt springs can provide nice reflection of the sunset in the west.


The visit:


Park your car in a safe place, cross the road and hike down to the white salt flats, this is ¼ of a mile walk.

Make sure not to step on vegetation on your way down to the salt flat.

You need to walk near the edge of the water and find a good place where you can see reflection of the mountains to the west.

When conditions allowed a colorful sunset color will be on the mountain in front of you, when I visit there was not so much color in the sky.


For better reflection pictures, if it is not blocking other photographer, try to hike deeper into the salt flat and to find larger sections of water.

On my way to a night camp i took few night pictures...