Kauai - Queen's Bath


Where? : Unique tide pool on the north section of Princeville Kauai.

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What? : The pool is a large sinkhole surrounded by Lava rocks and depending on the tide and wave it is allowing ocean water to get inside.


When? : Year round


Due note 1: Very nice place to visit, recommended early morning or late afternoon (nice sunset view) where there are less people. You will also have parking spots at the very small trailhead parking lot.


Due note 2: you should park in small lot in Kapiolani Loop Rd. (only 13 legal parking spaces), do not park where it is not allowed! your car will get towed.

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Due note 3: Fence was locked but everyone just walked through a large hole in the right side of the fence.


Due note 4: WARNING: this can be very relaxing and enjoying place to swim and enjoy the ocean but at high tide and wave this can be very dangerous place. The water pools become almost invisible due to the strong winter currents and wave so do not get into the water during such conditions. Several people already died/drowned in this place, stay safe.


Due note 5: Overall, this can be a 2 hr visit depending on how long you want to say at the water pools.


My thoughts: I really like visiting this place, it was early morning when I got there so not so many people. Nice large ocean water pool inside the lava rocks.


The visit:

Park your car at the small parking lot and follow the narrow trail in the dance tropic vegetation. The trail will take you down the cliff all the way to the ocean level rocks.

As always in Kauai the trail can be wet, muddy and slippery so walk slowly.

This is a very short hike but because it is messy it will take you less than 30 min or so to get down, the last 50 feet are more challenging but absolutely doubles.

There are many water pools along this section. The Queens bath is a closed sinkhole that is located towards the left side of the rock shelf.

Once reaching the ocean level rocks you can explore this area, swim and safely enjoy the sinkhole pool.

Because of the muddy trail on the way back it is recommended to bring a change of clothes or shoes and towel for the seat.