Kauai - Hanalei Beach


Where? : Located at the north section of Kauai at the small and nice town of Hanalei.

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What? : Two mile long bay of a sandy beach at the north of Kauai. Excellent place to spend the day on the beach, swim, serf, Kayak and many other activities. Excellent sunset location.


When? : year round


Due note: Sometimes it will be difficult to find a parking space at the small beach parking lot, drive around and park where it is legal.


My thoughts: We were sleeping nearby and visit this beach many times, enjoying all what the small Hanalei town has to offer.

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The visit:

There are few things to do at the small town of Hanalei, Kauai: beach activities, Kayaking and shopping and dining.


The beach:

The long 2 miles long sandy beach has many things to do and explore.

At the north section of the bay there is the old pier, Black Pot Beach Park (was under renovation in 2019) and the river connecting to the ocean.

This section is probably one of the most photogenic places in Kauai with the long pier getting into the bay, surfing and cellarful sunset.

At Hanalei Pavilion beach where most tourists visit and spend the day at the beach, there is a small grass section, lifeguard tower and bathrooms and showers.

There are few other places that you can aces the beach along Weke road to the south including Waioli Beach Park on Hee road.



We rented Kayaks at kayakhanalei (https://kayakhanalei.com/) located just as you are entering town on your right side.

You rent the kayak (single or double) and paddle into the Hanalei river. It is recommended to go right, upstream, all the way under the large car bridge and from there into the narrow section of the Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge.

The way back is easier because it is with the current.

You can also turn left from the rental point all the way to the ocean, do not get into the ocean, turn around and go back to where you started from.

Overall, this activity can take few hours, plan your turning point according the length or time you want to paddle (bring enough water and sunscreen with you).


When approaching Hanalei on hwy 560 there are 2 nice viewpoints, one is just after passing Foodland Princeville store center (on the other side of the road) and the other point is Hanalei Bay lookout on your right. Worth stopping at one of them and take pictures of the below valley flooded rice fields. Soon after going down the road you will cross the Hanalei river over large narrow metal bridge.

On your way to the north side you can visit the nice KÄ«lauea Lighthouse that is located on the northern tip of Kauai.