Kauai - Sealodge Beach


Where? : Located at the north side of Kauai, at Princeville ocean cliffs.

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What? : A nice hidden secluded beach nested within cliffs.


When? : Year round


My thoughts: I really like the hike to this beach in the dance rain forest, it was like discovering it for the first time, I was the only one there and spend long time on the rocks watching the crabs.

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The visit:

Once you get into Kamehameha rod, drive all the way to the end and you will see some parking spots. The trail starts at this small parking lot, try to see you are parking in non-private spot because this is in a middle of a complex.

The unmarked trail will take you down right on the edge of the property grass and turn left into the “canyon”. Keep following the trail in the forest until you will reach the rocky cliff base near the ocean. Here the trail will take you to the left side, keep going on the rocks all the way until you will reach the short down path into the small sandy Sealodge Beach. Overall, I think this is a quarter of a mile hike.


You will probably have this nice beach all to yourself.

You can rest, snorkel (on calm days without waves) or just explore the rock section.

Once done go back up the same way you got in.