Lick Observatory


Where? : The active observatory is located on the summit of Mount Hamilton on hwy 130.

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What? : You can visit the admission-free Visitor Center (and gift Shop) that are open year-round and take the short informal talks, starting after 12pm (check website).


When? : At winter storms the mountain ridge can get covered by snow. At summer the visibility can be low because of hase.


Due note: The mountain ridge and the surrounding forest were severely damage during summer 2020 fires.


My thoughts: Nice place to visit but not a must.

Additional Nearby parks:

The visit:

When visiting Joseph D. Grant Park keep driving on hwy 130 all the way to Lick Observatory. The Observatory is located on the summit of Mount Hamilton; The 10 miles uphill road winding with twist and turns all the way to the observatory.

At good clear whether there is a nice view of the Santa Clara Valley from the parking lot at 4,209 feet.