Don Edwards Bay National Wildlife Refuge


Where? : Located at Fremont bay water front, on the south side of Dumbarton Bridge (hwy 84)

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What? : Small hill surrounded by large salt water marsh and large main made ponds, opportunity to have an easy hike while exploring the area and doing wildlife viewing.

When? : Year round, not recommended on rainy day, no place to hide…


Due note: As usual trails are open from sunrise to sunset. If main gate is close you can park your car at the external parking lot.


My thoughts: A nice afternoon sunset visit, cross the wooden bridge and explore the trails along the pools, go to the hill for sunset view.

The visit:

The visit itself is very simple, I recommend circling the hill and go across the bridge to the main saltwater pound.

Go back and climb the hill to Hilltop Overlook, nice place to see the surrounding and the sunset at the west.

There is a learning center and self walks along the marshes.


A long 5 miles loop can be done by taking the Newark Slough Trail.