Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area


What? : Large regional park with several artificial lakes.

The park offers picnicking, boating, swimming as well as several trails for hiking and opportunities for wildlife viewing.

Where? : Located in the east bay side in Fremont, part of the East Bay Regional Parks system.

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When? : Year round, the hikes are fully exposed so not recommended for rainy days.


Due note 1: During weekends this park is crowded with many visitors that are coming for picnic and fishing as well as leisure and recreation hiking, so do not expect to have it to yourself…


Due note 2: The Trails are wide gravel road, easy to walk around the various lakes. Dogs are allowed on leash


My thoughts: Good place if you want to hike, run or to bike as well as picnic and fishing. You can view here many water birds as well as nesting Bald eagles.


The visit:


Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area is a regional park located in Fremont, before being converted into a park, the site was used as a gravel quarry.

The large open space and lakes attract many birds, this is ideal place for hiking and bird watching, you can also spot a small herd of deer in the open grasslands.

When hiking at the far section of the park you can spot the pair of Bald Eagles. You may see them at the long island at Lago Los Osos lake (need binoculars) or at the large eucalyptus trees near Sequoia Bridge (see red circles in the map).


The park's trails connect to the Alameda Creek Regional Trail system.

This long trail extends from Niles Canyon westward all the way to Coyote Hills and the Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge on San Francisco Bay.

Recommended hike (4.3 miles loop):

Assume you start at the main parking lot cross the picnic area, take the trail on the ramp. Once you will reach the trail junction with an open field in front of you turn left, in the open field you may spot deer’s, mainly at the afternoon. After few hundred feet take right and soon after turn into the trail on your left, adjacent to the large lake. Once you reach the bridge in front of you, turn left and walk along the Alameda creek, you may spot birds in the creek down below you.

Just before the railroad crossing turn left into the park. On this trail you can hike all the way directly to the parking lot or take the second large trail on your left and walk the inner “island”.