Route 66 in Arizona - from Kingman to Seligman

The old Route 66 in this remote section has nothing special, no unique landscape viewing or something like that, it itself is the destination of the road-trip.

I drove this route several time instead of taking the main I-40.

This time, April 2023, I came here to visit and hike Havasupai village and waterfalls.


Route 66 represent a romantic memory from the time it was used to travel all the way (2,448 miles) from Chicago, Illinois in the east to Santa Monica, California ocean front in the west.


The highway became “famous” during WW2 and kept its nostalgic icon since then.

For some the highway symbolizes escape and the hope of a new beginning heading west and for others the “good old America” that was left behind when the new highways system was paved, living behind thrive communities and cities to get fall apart overtime.

I really like the Pixar animated film Cars that represent this.


This 88-mile-long section of Route 66 is heading to the northern section of Arizona just south of the Colorado river and the Grand Canyon.

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The view from the road is not so special, mainly flat arid cuttle grassland, but there are few stops along the drive that worth stopping.


They are more like Route 66 “tourist traps”, but they are nice one and fun to stop at.


I stopped in Hackberry General Store, Valentine Station, in the small semi-deserted town of Truxton and then I reach Peach Springs.


The following day we went to Grand Canyon Caverns to get our Havasupai hiking permit but did not visit the caverns.



Note: Fill your gas before entering this road section, there are gas stations but not sure they operate all day long.




Additional Pictures: