Little Finland NV


Where? : Little Finland is located at the heart of Gold Butte National Monument area. Vast Mojave Desert near the north end of Lake Mead in Nevada. The main road that lead to this large desert (Gold Butte Rd) start near the crossing of hwy 170 of the virgin river, few miles south of Mesquite city.

Google Map Link (location of Little Finland)

What? : Little Finland are unique red rock formations that after many years of erosion transform into “fins” and created interesting landscape. Nearby you can hike the nice short Seven Keyholes slot canyon with some nice hieroglyph.


When? : Hot summer is not the recommended time to visit this place.

Due note 1: Although some of the trails can be access by AWD I highly recommend getting into this area with 4x4, high-clearance off-road car.


Due note 2: I did not have a good printed map of this area, but rather use google map, trails are usually well marked and with destination names.

You can use the website link below to find a lot more information including driving directions and map.

Below I also added my map that can give additional direction and navigation help.

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Camping in BLM land: Dispersed camping allow you to camp just about anywhere, no need for official camping site, as long as you do not “hurt” the environment.

No reservations or permits are needed, up to 14 days.

If possible, please use existing sites to avoid creating new disturbances.


My thoughts: This is nice off-road adventure, exploring the vast desert, short hikes with unique rock formation to explore. In half a day you can have fun driving in the riverbed sand trails, short hikes and interesting places to visit.


The visit:

Gold Butte NM is large open BLM land that is mainly used by off-road vehicles, but it has few attractions to visit. Most road are in good conditions for AWD but for some it is highly recommended 4x4 high clearance car.

My visit recommendations are: Little Finland, Seven Keyholes slot canyon and Devils Throat sinkhole.


Most of the people that come for few days camp their trailers near the end of the paved, but not maintained, road section of Gold Butte Rd, mainly near the nice Whitney Pocket section.

After passing this point you keep going south on the main and well-maintained Gold Bute dirt Rd. (Blue marker in the map below). After 7.2 dusty miles you will turn right into small road, additional 0.3 mile will take you to our first stop at Devils Throat.


Devils Throat is a large sinkhole, nothing much to do here except seeing it from above. Do not cross the fence because ground can be unstable.


After a short stop at this point keep going on the trail west for another 3.8 miles (Red marker in the map below), on the road fork keep going right on the main riverbed (do not take the road to the left, we will come back from this road).

After additional 2.7 miles in the riverbed you will see a trail to your right. 2 miles on this trail will take you the large camping/parking spot on the foot of the small cliff, you arrived at Little Finland.

Little Finland: Park and take the hiking trail from the left and go up the cliff and see the unique rock formation. You can explore this location for 1 hr, most of the interesting section is on the section above the cliff but you can find the way up the small red-rock hilltops.

When you are done here drive back to the trail entrance (Yellow marker in the map below). When getting back to the entrance turn right and after 1-mile turn left with a road that will take you out of the river. Keep going on this road for another 2.7 miles, you will arrive to a trail junction. At this trail junction do not keep on the main road south but rather take the left fork and go up the hill, and of the road and to the small parking lot (1.25 miles).

Here we will visit the nice and interesting Seven Keyholes slot canyon.

A short half a mile hike down on well-marked hiking trail will take you to the entrance of the canyon on your right. A short but nice canyon with few places of hieroglyph. Overall a visit of less than an hr.

From the parking lot drive back to the trail junction and turn right, the 1.7 road will lead you back to the road you went into little Finland. Take right and head out to the main road.