Horseshoe Bend


Where? : The parking lot (10$) is right on hwy 89, few miles south of Page AZ.

Google Map Link


What? : An iconic must see viewing point of the mighty Colorado river canyon doing U turn loop.


When ? : Year round but summer can be VERY hot and not the recommended time to visit this area


Due note: This is a very crowded place, buss full of tourist are stopping all the time, even though this is highly recommended place to visit.

My thoughts: A must visit short stop on your way, sunset is the best time to visit, were the sun will go down over the far mountains ridge.


The visit:

From the parking lot and easy ½ mile trail will take you to cliff above the Colorado river. The U turn view is impressing, it is an iconic Instagram place and indeed the view is impressing.

Nothing to do here more than the view and you will take the same trail back to the parking lot.