Villa Montalvo


Villa Montalvo is a small Santa Clara county park at Saratoga hills, 5 minute drive from the town center.


There are few nice short hike options in the woods above the large Montalvo villa as well as nice garden near the villa (4 parking lots, #2 is the recommended one), excellent nearby place to spend the afternoon with kids.

Due note: The Villa can be used for private event so check in advance if it is open.

The Visit:

Recommended sort 2 miles loop hike option:

Start at the nature trail (near the Garden theatre) and continue climbing up on the Lookout Trail.

Once reaching to trail junction turn left keep going up another 0.3 mile to the nice south valley lookout point.

Going back to the trail junction, turn left into the lookout trail, at next junction turn left into N. Orchard Trail (4 bridges), keep going on it, pass the artist housing on your left and get into the creek. From this point take the Access Trail back to the villa gardens.

There are other short hiking options on few other trails and also just enjoy the nice large open grass section in the garden in front of the villa.

My Thoughts

Excellent place to have mid-week short afternoon hike, definitely need to visit here more....



Additional Pictures:


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