Rancho San Antonio


Where? : Rancho San Antonio Park is located in Los Altos Hills.

What? : This is very large and popular park for hiking & running. The large park trail system covering the mountains, some are easy and paved some are going up the hills and surrounding mountains.

Deu note: The park is very crowded during weekends with suvire parking problems. Families for small kids are visiting the Deer Hollow Animal Farm.

As you walk up the trails you will see less and less people but overall during sunny weekends it is a very busy park.

The visit:

From the main parking lots there are few paved trails and road that can take you into the park main valley. here you can continue walking without any climb all the way to the nice Deer Hollow Animal Farm.

Deu note: biking are allowed only on the main paved roads in the park.

Recommended hiking/running Trails:

·       Stephen E. Abbors Trail (PG&E Trail) – Popular trail climbing sharply up the hill. At the end of this trail it connects to Upper High Meadow Trail that will take you back down.

·       Upper High Meadow Trail – nice loop trail going up on the ridge.

·       Chamise Trail – long loop going up the north ridge, connecting to Black Mountain trail that keeps climbing up. After 3 mils on Black Mountain trail there is a left turn into Quarry Trail that will take you down back into the Rancho section trails. If you take the Stephen E. Abbors Trail to the right you will go all the way down, if you turn left into Upper High Meadow trail you will have option to go down in the creek or on the ridge’s slops.

My thoughts: although this is a large nature park with long trails going into the mountains I usually not visiting this park, it is just too crowded especially over weekend. I prefer visiting the park during rainy days when it is less crowded.


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