Bay Waterfront Trail


What? : A large trail system that connect many parks along the bay waterfront.

Most of the trails are or paved or in a very good and well-maintained dirt roads conditions. This is ideal place for long bike ride or runs. you will enjoy the waterfront and the bird viewing.

Where? : I will try to describe below in details the different trail sections and where to enter them.

When? All trails are exposed to the sun with almost no shade, recommended time is at the afternoon.

Deu note: All trails are flat and recommended for walking, running or long bike rides.

Because the trail system is right on the bay waterfront you will have many birds viewing opportunities.

The visit:

For simplicity I will describe the trails in two sections.

The first one: all the trail system that are East of NASA Moffett Fair airfield (direction to San Jose)

The second section: all the trail system West of NASA (Direction to Palo Alto)

My Thoughts: As you can see below there are endless miles of trail options, my favorite one is Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve trailhead, this is an excellent point to enter the trail system, bird watching in the pools, long hiking or biking...

East of NASA:

Stevens Creek Shoreline Nature Study Area Preserve

Nice waterfront trail for hike running or biking, going at the edge of NASA Moffett Fair field.

The wide paved Rd. trail going between the airfield fence and the water ponds. You can always see here many water birds.


Bay Trail Sunnyvale

Starting at Sunnyvale water reclamation facility ponds, connecting section at the Bay trail

Old landfill hill with nice view


San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail

Many different trails going into many directions for long distance, connected to the Bay trail


Can go to San Jose

Lower Guadalupe River Trail

Trail that go on both sides of the Guadalupe River all the way to San Jose airport and downtown


Ulistac Natural Area


Mineta San Jose International Airport


Heritage Rose Garden


Rotary PlayGarden


Can continue to Milpitas:

Alviso Marina County Park

Alviso Slough 9 miles loop Trail


Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge Environmental Education Center

Nice bird watching place


Coyote Creek Trail, Milpitas

Trail along the water creek, not so much to see but something that go north and not take the road


When Biking you can go back to Sunnyvale at:

San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail

Nice trail along the creek, going near Levies stadium and under 101 all the way to Homestead road

Levi's Stadium


San Tomas Exp. way all the way up to Homestead Rd.


West of NASA (Mountain View & Palo Alto):

Shoreline Lake Boathouse

Nice place with parking, can go to the lake or to the Bay Trail.

A lot of Bird Watching places.

Can be very crowded at weekends, nice coffee place near the lake.


Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve trailhead

Another entrance to the shoreline lake from the north.

With Adobe Creek loop trail, you can go between the ponds (Pelican Nesting View) and all the way to Byxbee Park.

There is an option to get to this location from Palo Alto (near the JCC) with a trail that pass under the 101.

Again this is also a crowded place but good one for running, biking and excellent place for bird watching.


Byxbee Park

Old landfill site with many trails for cycling & walking, you can find there sculptor of conceptual art.


Palo Alto Duck Pond

Environmental Volunteers EcoCenter

Another interesting place for walking, biking or Birdwatching

Interesting history as being Palo Alto boat harbor


Lucy Evans Baylands Nature Interpretive Center

Entrance for the San Francisquito Creek trail that can go all the way around the small airport and the golf field to east Palo Alto.