Stevens Creek County Park & Lake


Where? : Take the N. Foothill Blvd. exit from the 280 hwy, after 1 mils it change it name to Stevenses Canyon rd., after 2.2 miles you will reach your destination on your left.

What? : Large park with several picnic area and hiking options near the large Stevens Creek lake (water activities can be done during summer). 

Due note: You will need to pay for parking, there are few pay stations; one is located in the main park entrance in the parking lot.

The Visit:

The park has 2 sections: the main section is near the lake where you have on your left just before the lake a park main entrance (small visitor center). You can also park near the dam ramp or use the nice Lakeshore Picnic Area.
Sycamore Picnic Area will be on your left and right after the junction with Mnt. Eden Rd. you will reach the 2 parking spots near the river (Canyon Picnic Area, Cooley Picnic Area).

If you will turn right at the quarry into Montebello Rd that is going up, you will reach Picchetti Ranch open space.

The lake section:

The trail starts at the small Park Visitor Center going to the basement of the dam and from there it is going to the east slide of the lake with an easy trail all the way to loop trail. From there you need to walk back.

There is additional trail that is going into the forest (Tony look trail), this single-track trail going south viewing the lake from above. This trail is going all the way to Stevens Creek Tony Look Trail Head on Stevens Canyon Rd. after that the trail change its name to Lookout Trail, it climb all the way to the mountain ridge, from there you can have few options to continue (see also Fremont Older Preserve) and you can go back all the way down to the lake using the Coyote ridge Trail.

The south west section:
Near the junction of Stevens Canyon Rd. with Mt Eden Rd there are few picnic sites and you can find road stops for river access in the canyon.
For more Stevens creek water access you can continue on Stevens Canyon Rd. and you will park on the side of the road for river access.

Hiking trail to Picchetti Ranch: Park at Canyon picnic or nearby Cooley picnic area. Cross the road bridge and the trail start at Cooley picnic area. You can access the stream at this place. The 1.3 miles Zinfandel trail will take you all the way up to Picchetti Ranch open space on the ridge above.

This is a nice trail climbing up moderately the ridge in the wood with viewpoints on the lake below. 

Once reaching Picchetti Ranch section there are few short trails including the Orchard trail loop. Going back on the same way we went up (overall 3 miles hike).

You can also park at the Picchetti Ranch near the winery (take the Montebello Rd.), hike at the nearby trails or go down to Stevens creek.


My Thoughts: because it near by location and the different things the park has to offer (woods, mountains, lake, streems,...) I visit here many times. I really like the trail that is going by the lake, many time combining this with Fremont older hike, creating 8 miles loop.



Stevens Creek County Park Lakeshore Picnic Area