McClellan Ranch Preserve


Where? : Located at the middle of Cupertino neighborhood at:  22221 McClellan Rd, Cupertino, CA 95014

What? : McClellan Ranch Preserve can be considered as a small city-park but it is a nice simple option to get some nature-break especially with small kids.
It is a small nature island in the middle of Cupertino.

The Visit:

The 1-mile paved trails that go all the way from McClellan Ranch, through the park, passing on the way swimming pool, golf-course and kids playground, will get you to the other side of the park (Stevens Creek Blvd).

A highly recommended Nature trail: You can also cut off the main paved trail and walk near Stevens Creek stream. The starting point of this nature trail is right at the left edge of the main parking lot and it connect back to the paved trail near the volleyball courts.

Deu note: The park has a large animal farm section with kids activities.


Parking lot: