Fremont Older Preserve, Saratoga

Update: Last visited: Nov. 2022

Where? : Located in Saratoga, the small parking lot is located at the end of  Prospect Rd.

What? : Fremont Older is the nearest park to my house and I visit here many times.
15 min drive from the south bay and you are finding yourself in a open nature space where you can hike (also with kids, no strollers, dogs on leash allowed), run or mountain bike for many miles.
The park has few nice south-valley viewpoints at the hilltops (Hunter's Point, Maisies peak, Nob Hill).
Although, located in the city of Saratoga this is not a "city park" but rather more a "real" park where you can enjoy the outdoors and hiking in nature.

There are many animals you can see in the open space, on top of deer’s I saw here wild turkey, coyote and bobcats. there is always something interesting to see in this park and the south valley view from the hilltops is rewording.

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The Visit:


The parking lot is small and if no parking spot is available you need to look for parking ¼ mile down the road and walk up to the parking lot.

Another option is to park at Prospect Rd. and take the longer 2 miles Parker Ranch Trail (purpule line in the map below) into the park main section (the ridgeline trail).

Recommended Trails:

Steven Spring loop (Red)
Toyon Trail
Coyote Ridge (Orange)

Recommended hike/bike trails:

· Option 1: Short loop:

Cora Older -> Hayfield Trail -> Hunter's Point -> Seven Spring loop

· Option 2: Up the high ridgeline:

Cora Older -> Hayfield Trail -> Toyon Trail-> Bay view trail-> Coyote Ridge -> Maisie's Peak-> Coyote Ridge (south)-> Parker Ranch-> Toyon Trail-> back to starting point

· Option 3Long loop hike down to the lake (can’t do with bike):

Cora Older-> Hayfield Trail-> Coyote Ridge (north) all the way down to Stevens Creek park-> Stevens Creek Tony look trail (left)-> near the end of the lake trail (it is getting into dead-end) take left into Tony look trail-> passing Stevens Creek Tony Look Trail Head-> lookout trail up the ridge-> Vista loop trail-> Coyote Ridge-> down back to parking lot


Deu note for biking: There are many trails for bike, some are close during winter.

If you are going down to Stevens Creek lake you must go up the same way or with the road. The Tony-Look trail and the Lookout Trail are close to bike.

My Take: This is one of my prefered local parks, nature escape experience, 15 minute drive from home, not so crowded, with a lot of animals to watch.



More Pictures from the my park visits: