Seattle WA – Skyline Viewing Points


What? :

The Seattle skyline is one of the most iconic in the USA, from the Space Needle unique structure to the high city tower’s view, Seattle Great Wheel, and the large Elliott Bay.

There are many locations where you can have city skyline viewing points and below I will try to share where I visit and add other locations I learned about.


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Seattle WA – Kerry Park Viewing Point

Kerry Park is a small public park and viewpoint on the south slope of Queen Anne Hill in Seattle. It overlooks Seattle, and it is the best viewing point of downtown skyline and Space Needle tower. On a clear day this is also the best place to see the city and Mount Rainier located 60 miles away.

You should come and visit here even if you have very short time to spare, this is the most beautiful city skyline location, and you will not regret it.



Seattle WA – Space Needle

The revolving glass floor is so wild to experience and honestly makes it very worth at the time and money. The only problem with the view from the viewing deck is that you do not see the Space Needle itself.

You can come here only for the view, or you can make a reservation at the Loupe Lounge restaurant.

This place is always crowded, especially during summer months and on weekends, so come prepared with understanding that you may wait in line. I recommend buying tickets beforehand to skip the ticket lines and reserve a time slot.

The Space Needle is in an area that does not have a lot of nearby parking. Park in the nearby museums parking lots or come with a taxi. You can also use the Seattle Monorail to get here.



Seattle WA – Sky View Observatory in the Columbia Tower

The Columbia Tower is the tallest building in Seattle. It is located on the 73rd floor above the city and you can have 360-degree views in all directions. The Sky View Observatory is located 1,000 feet in the sky making it the tallest public viewing area in the Pacific Northwest I recommend buying tickets in advance.

I did not visit here.



Seattle WA – Smith Tower

Smith Tower is in Pioneer Square and is one of the most recognizable buildings in Seattle. From the top you will have incredible panoramic views of Seattle and the Space Needle.

I did not visit here.



Seattle WA – Dr Jose P. Rizal Bridge

This is a unique viewing location that is known among photographers and locals and not many tourists visit here.

Even though not a tourist destination by itself it provide unique views on the south city skyline, Smith Tower, Columbia Tower, the large stadiums, and highway 5.

Come at sunset or later when it dark for night long-exposure photography or at morning to catch the sun lighting the city from the east.

You can take pictures from the viewing deck near the parking lot or walk down to the bridge and get open view of the city and highway I-5.



Seattle WA – Gas Works Park

This park is one of fun to visit parks in Seattle and it located on the north shore of Lake Union. The park provides “back” views of the Seattle skyline. The park has some of the remaining infrastructure of the Seattle Gas Light Company gasification plant. At nights and when the lake is calm lights are reflected into South Lake Union. The park is free access and have parking lot.
This park is very popular by locals for late summer afternoon relax on the open grass and enjoy the view.



Seattle WA – Volunteer Park

Volunteer Park is a large public park located in the Capitol Hill district east of Lake Union (east of highway I-5). The view of Seattle city-center from this park is at the Sculpture located in front of the parking lot for the Seattle Asian Art Museum.

The “donut” like black rock statue centralized the view directly into the Space Needle.

In this park you can visit Seattle Asian Art Museum, enjoy strolling the large gardens, or even go to the nearby Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee Grave Sites.



Seattle WA – Harbor Ave, city view point

Seattle skyline as it seen from Harbor Ave waterfront across Elliott Bay. There are several viewing points from this location and 2 small city parks, Jack Block and Hamilton.



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