Mount Rainier National Park – Inspiration Point


What? :

As the nearby Reflection Lake Inspiration Point is another premier roadside view of Mt. Rainier.

In addition to an excellent view of The Mountain rising above the forest line from this location you have an open view to the west, the Paradise River, and the Nisqually River Valley.




Where? :

Inspiration Point is located on the west side along Stevens Canyon Road, about 0.5 miles from the Paradise Road junction.

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When? :

Stevens Canyon Road is open to vehicles during the summer season only, typically June-September.



The visit:


Inspiration Point is a large pullout and viewpoint on Stevens Canyon Road.

It has large parking so you can easily find a place to park, go out and enjoy the views.


Yes, Mount Rainier is way above you and if it is clear, you must take few pictures but also do not miss from the left side of the parking lot the view west into the valley opening.

From the right side of the parking, you can see below, on the other side of the canyon the top of waterfall.


When the weather is not cooperating and clods covering the high mountains the view from this point can be vey interesting, especially during sunset where the sun light the valleys to the west.