Mount Rainier National Park – Black Bear Encounter


What? :

After hiking Skyline Trail at Paradise Visitor Center, I took the short scenic route on Paradise Road, one-way road leading down.

This road road meets Stevens Canyon Road leading to the east (close in winter), if you turn right you will reconnect with Paradise Valley Road leading west (Longmire) or even back up to the visitor center.


Along this short drive you can see the lower part of Myrtle Falls (on your left), beautiful valley and open meadows views (to your right).

When driving here I saw few cars on the road.

I stop and go out of the car, and I saw a bear right near the road.

This is the spot I saw the bear:

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The black bear was eating and looking for food. He completely ignore the nearby people.

The bear start to go down the open slope, approaching the road and the cars.


The bear cross the road in between the cars and the people, crossing to the other side of the road.


After short time the bear went into the dense vegetation heading down to the valley below us.


I kept driving for less than a quarter of a mile and found a roadside parking spot.

After about 20 minutes I manage to spot the bear in the meadow below the road.

He was looking for food, heading downstream.


I drove to another parking spot with clear open view and waited.

The bear arrived and went into the shallow river.

After about 10 minutes in the water the bear cool off and clean and he went into the forest.



Due note 1: Bears will sometimes travel along roadways, particularly in the spring as snow is melting out. Please drive carefully.


Due note 2: Never feed bears.


Due note 3: Black bear attacks are extremely rare in the United States and there is no records of any occurring in Mount Rainier National Park.


Due note 4: Do not approach bear cubs. An adult may be nearby to protect and defend the cubs.


Due note 5: Do not run. Back away slowly. Talk loudly.


Due note 6: If bear attack act aggressively, shout loudly, throwing rocks or sticks or if it get to contact fight back.


Due note 7: There is no need to carry Bear spray, there are no grizzly bears at the park.




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