Point Reyes NP – Picture Gallery (Dec. 2023)

Point Reyes NP – Picture Gallery (Dec. 2023)



This blog share pictures from a one-day visit to Point Reyes during early Dec. 2023.

I visit both the north and south tipoff sections this large reserve, enjoying the landscape, animals and birds.



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During the day I visit the following locations in Point Reyes:


Pierce Point Ranch - Elk Reserve

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Kehoe Beach

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Drakes Beach

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Chimney Rock

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My day, step by step.... 

The day started with rainy and foggy weather that clear around noon.

On the way into Point Reyes, I stop at Inverness and took picture of Point Reyes Shipwrecks that break apart during a winter storm a year back.

I add here picture older picture from when it was still standing.


In the past:



I headed north and visit Pierce Point Ranch - Tule Elk Reserve.

On my way in I saw large group of birds (mainly Starling, Red-winged Blackbird, and Sparrows) and later also quail posting on a stand.


The morning the hills were covered with fog but later that day the weather improved.

From the parking lot at the end of the road I hike north along Tomales Point.

After about 3 miles from the trailhead, just after passing the large pond, I saw a group of 4 large male with impressive antlers resting in the grass.


On my way back I saw another group of tule elk males.



Keep hiking back and I saw on the ridge a small heard of females with 2 young males.



Not so far before the farm I saw 2 Coyotes, but they were relatively far away.



Few pictures from the farm:


After short drive south from Pierce Point Ranch I stopped and park my car on the side of the road near Kehoe Beach Trailhead.

After short and easy walk I arrived to Kehoe Beach, there I enjoy some time with the birds.




When driving south I saw on the side of the road 2 people looking with a telescope at the trees.

I stopped and asked them what they are looking at…

2 large Long Eared Owl were standing inside the tree, they where hidden by the tree branches and from most of the directions you can't see them even if you know what to look for.

It was mid-day, but they were awake.

After some time they moved along the branch and I manage to get better viewpoint and to get close-up pictures.




I drove south on Sir Francis Drake road in the direction of Drakes Beach (and Point Reyes Lighthouse) ...

I arrived to the large parking lot that was almost empty.
I went to the beach, no Elephant Seal where present, and I walk along the sandy beach.



When driving out from Drakes Beach I saw near the main road another group of Tul Elk males.

It was around 4 pm and the sun was already low, that gives the "yellowish" coloring to the elks.




From here I headed south and park my car at Chimney Rock Trail Head.

From the parking lot a short walk led me to my sunset destination, Chimney Rock.

I saw a coyote on my way to the rock.


My sunset pictures from Chimney Rock.


Few last pictures taken on the way back to the car when it was after sunset.


I hope you enjoys this picture blog

What a day !!!