Point Reyes - November 2022 Visit

What: I revisit together with my son Point Reyes National Seashore for two full days during the last week of Nov. 2022.

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Our Visit:

We started the visit at the north section of the peninsula visiting Pierce Point Ranch and Tule Elk Reserve.

We hiked for about 3 miles into the preserve to see the Tule elks, it was already mid-day, so the elks were mainly resting and enjoying the warm, nice weather.

We also saw a Coyote on our way, not so far from the farmhouses.

From here we drove south, in the direction of the lighthouse, but we first went to visit Drakes Beach. During the winter month you can probably see here many Elephant Seals but this time the nice large sandy beach was empty, probably too early in the season.


On our way out back to the main road we saw a few tule elk bull in the grasslands near the pound, so we stopped to take more pictures.

From here we went to see the sunset at the lighthouse.

On our way we saw many dear and a small mouse size creature that let me take it picture up close, later I learned it was Mountain Beaver.


We went to the lighthouse cliff deck and enjoyed the view to the ocean shoreline to the north and the sunset to the west.


We stayed well after dark and took several night pictures, milky way, and the lighthouse.

It was late at night when we went to sleep.

Early the next morning before sunrise we went to see the Cypress Tree Tunnel near the old radio building.
We waited for the sun to go up and light the trees with yellow sidelight.

From here we went to the south section of the peninsula, heading to Chimney Rock.

On the way south we stopped again near the tule elk bulls and took their pictures again.

We drove to Chimney Rock parking lot and went for a short hike to the cliffs.


The hike is relatively easy, and you have a nice view of the inner bay, Historic Point Reyes Lifeboat Station on one side and the Chimney Rock Ocean cliffs on the other.

It was a fun hike and, on the way back we went down to the water level to see the Elephant Seals.

There were many Pelicans’ warmings up on the rail.

Few large Elephant Seals swimming nearby, 2 young seals were resting on the beach, few feats from the fence and they did not care to see me so close.

On our way back we saw a large Coyote resting in the grass near the road. it was not bothered by our presence and let us take closeup pictures.

On the way back we saw a few other Coyotes crossing the open grasslands and we stopped near one of them.

Looks like he was hunting and looking for small mouse, I waited patiently while the Coyote was looking for food and I even managed to get a few pictures of the Coyote jumping up in the air and diving nose down into the hole. It did not manage to catch anything and went away over the hill.


From here we drove back to Point Reyes Station to eat a late lunch.

Additional Pictures