Ricardo Breceda Metal Sculptures - Borrego Springs (CA)


What? :

In the open fields surrounding Borrego Springs you will find enormous metal sculptures of animals, real and imaginative.

Some of the large animals are based on prehistoric animals other on living creatures.


The 130 rusty metal sculptures were created by the artist Ricardo Breceda.

Plan to spend here about 30 minutes to 1 hour driving from one place to another one discovering the different statues in the fields.



Where? :

The metal sculptures can be found near Borrego Springs, CA.

Located near Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in the Colorado Desert of Southern California, about one-and-a-half-hour drive south of Palm Springs or two hours east of San Diego.


Map of the statues:



The largest collection can be found 2 miles north of the town circle on the east sides of Borrego Springs Rd.

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Another location is at the end of Borrego Springs Rd. 3.3 miles north of town.

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You can find another collection of large and impressive sculptures 4 miles south of the town circle on Borrego Springs Rd. (S3).

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The place is open year-round, but the summer month are extremely hot (~110-120f mid-day), I highly recommend visiting here during to colder month of the year.

November through February has highs in the 60-70s and lows in the 40s. April and May are already getting to 80s, and June starting to more than 100f.



Due note 1: There is a gas service, stores, and many other facilities in Borrego Springs.


Due note 2: You can get a map in Anza-Borrego Desert Natural History Association bookstore located in 652 Palm Canyon Dr, Borrego Springs, CA.


Due note 3: no matter if this is a short or long walk, make sure to have with you a lot of water and sunscreen.


Due note 4: The small Borrego Springs town is located in the center of the Anza-Borrego Park and has few hotels.


Due note 5: The sculptures are located on private land, but the owners allow people to drive on the sand roads and get near the sculptures.


Due note 6: Many of the statues are right off the road, drive slowly and you will spot the large red sculptures in the arid open landscape.




My thoughts:

It was fun to drive around and look for the large sculptures spread in the open desert fields.

I also spend some after sunset time near few statues taking night pictures with stars and light painting.



The visit:


From what I manage to get online all started in 2008, where a local philanthropist and landowner with extensive desert property hire the artist Ricardo Breceda to create large animal sculptures.

The sculptures made of rusty and red small metal pieces combined to create the large structures.


The way to visit the statues is to drive and look for the statues, find a dirt road leading to the statues.


Status you can see are:

Prehistoric elephants. A saber-tooth cat. An ancient camel. A T. rex and a giant bird of prey as well as horses, turtles, Scorpion, Grasshopper, people and more.


One of the most known sculptures of them all is a 350-foot-long serpent snake with a dragon head that stretch on both side of the road.









Additional Pictures: