Garrapata Beach - Calla Lily Flowers Blooming


What? :

Garrapata Beach is an ocean beach access point alongside highway 1 road south of Monterey.

What make this beach popular is the small creek that has many Calla Lily flowers blooming during the winter months (end of Feb. to April) as well as the sandy beach.


Do not confuse this specific beach with Garrapata State Park that is located north of the beach. Yes, the beach is inside the official park boundaries but far away from the main park section, see park map link at the end of this blog.



Where? :

The exact beach access is Located 7.4 miles south of Point Lobos State Park entrance or if you are coming from the south this is 3.7 miles north of Bixby Bridge.

This is part of Garrapata State Park coastline section (west of highway 1), and the access points to this location are 18 or 19 on the park official map (see park map link at the end of this blog).

Google Map Link



When? :

Beach access is year-round but Calla Lily flowers bloom only from late February to April.

These lilies flowers have short blooming season so if you want to see them you need to plan your trip to the exact weeks during the year.


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Due note 1: When walking in the creek, please stay on the trails and do not step over plants.


Due note 2: from photography perspective the best time to visit here is at sunset where the sun is going down but the best time with few people is early in the morning.


Due note 3: This is a VERY popular destination, especially during nice weather weekends, expect to find it packed with people. If you can come early in the morning or weekdays.


Due note 4: There are portable restrooms as well as garbage cans at the south trailhead.


Due note 5: Park access hours: 8 AM – ½ Hour After Sunset


Due note 6: Dogs allowed on the beach at Gate 19 (south end of the park) and trails leading to it. Dogs not allowed in all other areas.


Due note 7: You can park your car on both sides of highway 1, plenty of wide space to park here. No need to do un-safe U turns to park.


Due note 8: When crossing the busy highway be careful of passing cars.


Due note 9: There is no entrance or admission fee to this beach.


Due note 10: There is usually mud in the creek and you may need to cross the small stream.


Due note 11: The surf is extremely dangerous here, do not swim and be careful from wild waves.



My thoughts:

I passed here on highway 1 many times in the past but never stop before. Prior to my latest highway 1 trip (early March 2023) I saw pictures of the Calla Lily flowers bloom in this location. I decided to stop here on my way back home and I was not disappointed.

Short easy hike and the creek was full of the white flowers.


The visit:

If you are visiting here at the right month when Calla Lily flowers bloom (Feb-April) than I do recommend doing this short stop on your highway 1 visit. This is only 45 minutes stop on your way, and the flowers are nice.


Park your car along highway 1, far away as you can from the busy road.

The creek itself is located between gates 18 (north) and 19 (south) of Garrapata State Park.


The Calla Lilies that grow in this specific “hidden from the road valley” are all white and the entire small creek is coved with the plants.


No matter where you park it is about 0.3-mile easy walk with slight decline from the road to the Calla Lilies creek. The bluff section of the trail is clear and well maintained all the way down to the creek.



After taking pictures you can walk down the creek to the ocean beach.

If you walk south, you will reach the wooden staircase that will lead you back to gate 19 parking spot.







Additional Pictures: