San Francisco - Mt. Davidson Park

San Francisco - Mt. Davidson Park
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Mount Davidson, at height of 927 feet, is the highest point in San Francisco.

The 40-acre park cover the entire mountain top surrounded by the local neighborhood houses.

The hilltop is mainly forested with eucalyptus trees, and at the top of the mountain there is a huge concrete cross.

The story of the cross is quite interesting, marking the memory of the Armenian Holocaust.

Not so far from Mnt. Davidson Park you can find the Glen Canyon Park, they both can be combined into a longer hike loop:


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The visit:

I "discovered" this park by mistake, I wanted to see the dragon mosaic at the entrance to a nearby school and then I saw the mountain and the cross, so I went up.

The cross “story”:

In the mid-1990s various organizations that did not like the memory of the Armenian Holocaust ask San Francisco municipality to remove the memorial site, after a lengthy legal battle it was decided that the municipality would sell the cross itself or destroy it. Several Armenian organizations raised money and bought the cross from the city and the Armenian Holocaust Memorial remained as a small private area within the municipal park around it. Every year on April 24 the cross is illuminated in a special light.


The Park has access trail entrances from all sides (search on Google Map) and they all gradually ascend towards the top of the mountain.

The Park is not large and the walk, although can be steep, is not difficult or long, suitable for children but not suitable at all for strollers.

In addition to the several hiking trails within the forest from the top of the hill there is a beautiful view of the entire southern part of San Francisco (Highway 280).