San Francisco - Glen Canyon Park

San Francisco - Glen Canyon Park
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The Glen Canyon Park that is located at the southside of San Francisco is not large one (only 66 acre) but unlike many other urban parks it is more natural and gives a feeling of "out of town" nature parks.

Not so far from Glen Canyon Park you can find the Mnt. Davidson Park, they both can be combined into a longer hike loop:

Mnt. Davidson Park 


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The visit:


In its southern and lower section there are tennis courts, few community buildings and grass lawns but as you continue up into the small canyon it changes into natural forested creek and slopes, native grasslands with wildflower growths.

There aren’t many trails in the park, but you can spend here an hour exploring different section and enjoying the view from the rocks above.

I visited the park towards the late afternoon / sunset and got to see coyote as well as lots of birds of prey.

At the top of the park there is a series of houses on concrete pillars hanging above the slope, I assume they are designed to withstand an earthquake ...

If you continue hiking the path along the gorge after the houses, the trail ascends in the direction of a small exit to the Portola Dr. Road.


This Park is good place to hike with kids, not so long hikes and you get the feeling of nature adventure in the middle of the city. Beyond the main trail near the tennis area the trails are not suitable for strollers.