68 miles hike at Ansel Adams Wilderness - Day 2

68 miles hike at Ansel Adams Wilderness - Day 2

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Day 2:

Start: Alger Lakes, Ansel Adams Wilderness

End: Ediza Lake, Ansel Adams Wilderness

Statistics: 17 miles, +3280ft / -4600ft


We start our day around 6:30 am, this is the perfect time to take sunrise pictures because usually there is no wind at the morning hours and the lake reflection is perfect.

From Alger Lakes we went south, crossed the Gem Pass (where we can see the smoke in the lower valleys), and headed down to the large Gem Lake.

At the lake we took the Clark Lakes trail that is climbing to Agnew Pass near a small unnames lake that is located right at the mountain pass, 7.3 miles from our starting point.

From the pas we can see the high Mammoth Mountain, the lower section of Middle Fork San Joaquin River valley and far away at the south, partly covered with smoke, the Devils Postpile National Monument area.

The mountain wind did not clear the smoke from the valley below so we decided not to go all the way down the river to the National Park section (we visit this park in the past), but rather to explore another section of the wilderness.

We start ascending into the deep creek of Middle Fork San Joaquin River and took the River North trail. After hiking 4.5 miles down into the valley alongside the river gorge we reach the trail junction that is climbing west to Shadow Lake.

At our way up we encounter a ranger that ask for our wilderness hiking permits and gave us again the wilderness “do and do not do” + recommendations where to find a good campsite at our destination. It looks like that a lot of campsites along this hike section were closed for vegetation conservation and restoration.

After 1 mile of steep climbing, we reach Shadow Lake.

From here additional 4 mils on Shadow Creek Trail brought us to the amazing valley of Ediza Lake.

The relatively large Ediza Lake is nested below amazing mountain peaks, Mount Ritter (13,140ft) and Banker Peak (12,945ft).

At this popular lake there were several other hikes that plan to spend the night here, we found available campsite location at the far side of the lake and got organized for the night.

It was still relatively early (6:30pm) and I went to explore the area, found a nice small waterfall, and played with some long exposures' pictures.

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